New Illustrations.. Some of these I'll be screen-printing. Which ones do you like most?

Final Design for my Opera Gallery proposal. This is small scale at the moment but I would intend for it to be either a mobile or much larger screen printed sculpture.

Black and white illustrations were off the top of my head and done in 20 mins, after which I used them to create stencils for creating the overlaying screen printed wood to be lazer cut for my scaled down sculpture.

Small project to draw whatever I found whilst flicking through a dictionary. If I was unable to draw the word then i'd just draw the next thing that came into my head.

Hand drawn wedding invites for my Bro Henry

Illustration work For The Peckham Stock Exchange commissioned by Tom Bailey

Oli was commissioned by Tom Bailey to create an A0 'Where's Wally' style illustrated poster showing a fictional carboot sale in a Peckham carpark. The design was used by Tom in a pitch to the council to create The Peckham Stock Exchange carboot sale.

Oli started with an initial A2 hand drawn illustration, outlined in Pigment black then scanned back into the computer at hi res and coloured in on photoshop using a Wacom drawing tablet.

 Hand drawn Christmas cards letterpressed using a Heidelberg Windmill.

Side project learning how to use a Heidelberg letterpress machine. Oli hand drew a christmas card and scanned it back into photoshop to create a positive for use with a light exposing plate commonly used for letterpress.